25L protective insert bag -16, Snigel Design

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43x 28 x 10 cm

Fits in:
Cameras, video cameras, lenses, memory cards, accessories, charger, batteries, pencil, paper etc.

Fits on:
Can be carried in the hand, over the shoulder or inside the multi purpose bag medium


An insert for the cameras, video recorders and other optical or sensitive equipment that can be carried on its own or in the Specialist Backpack-small/25L.
  • Removable walls that can be configured to suit your equipment.
  • Hard plastic and soft foam in all sides of the insert to protect the sensitive equipment inside.
  • Three  zipped compartments for memory cards, cleaning equipment etc are placed on the inside of the flap.
  • One handle.


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25L protective insert bag -16, Snigel Design

25L protective insert bag -16, Snigel Design

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